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Dear Regular Visitors Our Site Has been blocked by the Eset antivirus System and the reason for it is that we provide free eset nod32 username and pass words for version 3 and version 4 so this has been blocked and if you are unable to visit this site with your eset security system here is the solution click the links for the complete solution or follow these instructions link 1 open eset nod32 security (anti virus or smart security ) go to Setup tab >> then click Disable antivirus and and antispyware protection and you can acess these sites...

Jiangmin Antivirus

Jiangmin Anti-Virus Software for mobile phone version is designed to provide a safe environment for the operation of mobile equipment users of information security software .

Excellent compatibility with the version of the smaller features and occupiers resources to be fully killing all cell phone virus, a Trojan horse smartphone virus protection from the threat and safeguard the information security of mobile equipment.

Language :

English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Compaitable Handsets :

3250, 5500, E50, E60, E61, E62, E70,N71, N73, N75, N80, N83, N91, N92 N93 N95

Note : Please Read this and Wont ask anything more as per request and Pms i have received i have posted .

All virus for OS 9.1 are in JAVA

1 - Wesber.A

Trojan-SMS.J2ME.Wesber.a[Kaspersky] ,
Wesber.A [F-Secure]

2 - pomoshnik.jar

CJSC "Laboratory of Kasperski" - the largest maker of antivirus program provision in Russia - found a new virus, which sends out SMS without knowledge of mobile phones` owners.

The program "Pomoshnik.jar" is able to work in many models of the phones which have program platform Java.

The program distributes through one popular website, which specialized in selling of pictures, melodies and games, the source reported.

If will put the virus program into phone, it will send 5 SMS for paid number.

The cast of every game is 3 dollars. So as a result of the work of the "Pomoshnik.jar" 15 dollars will be copied from the account.

"Laboratory of Kasperski" gives notice to owners of the mobile phones about the necessity of attentive attitude to downloading of recourses from Internet.


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