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How to get free original rapidshare premium accounts for free

Rapidshare one of the top File hosting company which allows you to download and upload file of your choice and

if you are a free user you might be facing lots of problems regarding downloading like waiting your IP and once you download a file from that ip you cant download any other file until you change your IP and again same waiting problem.

There are lots of sites which will guarantee how to hack rapidshare or tweak rapidshare etc and there are lots of ADDONS and SOFTWARE available for these hacks and once you use it and

download it you will know that these all are fake..ya those addons will work in starting days once that hacking process is popular Rapidshare itself will block all those hacks and tweaks so better not depend on them..

This doesn't mean that you cant hack or tweak Rapidshare , YES you can do it but for some limited lets talk about what i am really writing about on this article..

This article is about a genuine and best way to get a original Rapidshare Premium account for a month ..once you get these free Rapidshare Premium account there will be no limitations for you to use rapidshare and you can download as much as you want and delete as much as you want.

So Here is the best way to get free premium rapidshare account for free..its guaranteed genuine..

Here is the complete details how to get free rapidshare premium account..

1. There is a MinMatrix Forum Signup for a account in this forum like another ordinary forum.

2. Bookmark a Thread or question put on by any other member (bookmark for updated threads and answers)

2. Answer those threads asked and your answer must be correct and you must be the first person to answer that thread.

its done now, If you fulfilled all the requirements you will be awarded with a free rapidshare premium account for 1 month.

This seems to be very interesting and i have been trying in this forum for a week and i found 3 free rapidshare premium accounts..but friends its very Tough to get a free rapidshare account because of the forums popularity.. as soon as a thread is published with in seconds the answers will appear so try your luck with lots of hard work i won these three premium accounts..

Since my all of my accounts will expire within a month so there is no use to keep those rapidshare premium accounts with me so i planned to distribute with my readers...

Here how will i select the winners..

1. i will ask 5 easy questions and you need to answer those in my comment box means you need to comment as a answer with your email box and country if possible.

2. i will check for the answers and with some process i will select the winners..

3. i will personally mail them that premium rapidshare username and password which will work for a month..

Here are my Questions.

1.Which is the latest version of OS from Microsoft?

a. Windows Vista

b.Windows 7 XP

2.Which is the official search site for Microsoft?

a. Yahoo search

b. Google search


3. who is the founder and lead developer of Stardock Windowblinds?

a. bill gates

b. Barrak obama

c. Neil Banfield

Q: Which is the first browser to support open video formats?

a. Internet Explorer 9

b.Mozilla firefox 3.5

c. Opera 10

These are the questions and you answer it in the comment side..

if you got all of them right i will mail you those username and passwords..

Enjoy and comment and if anyone got free premium rapidshare account from that forum please make us know...

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Dont forget to comment..


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