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Dear Regular Visitors Our Site Has been blocked by the Eset antivirus System and the reason for it is that we provide free eset nod32 username and pass words for version 3 and version 4 so this has been blocked and if you are unable to visit this site with your eset security system here is the solution click the links for the complete solution or follow these instructions link 1 open eset nod32 security (anti virus or smart security ) go to Setup tab >> then click Disable antivirus and and antispyware protection and you can acess these sites...

Eset-Nod32 100% Working Username and password updated onapril 2009 for for version 3.0.684,3.0.672and 4.1,4.068,4.0.226,4.0.314,4.0.316,4.0.417,

ESET NOD32 ID - April 28 - 2009

Username: EAV-13391512
Password: 3ck8penepd

Username: EAV-14321597
Password: njfnfh53rs

Username: EAV-14753011
Password: 8sfhjaj27f

Username: EAV-15222565
Password: cn3cwa6682

Username: EAV-14353963
Password: a8td5v7wwp

Username: EAV-13553585
Password: 3b2ekjmhv8

ESET NOD32 ID - April 27 - 2009

UserName: EAV-11796708
PassWord: 244hthsren

UserName: EAV-11796721
PassWord: 4xrfw3bts6

UserName: EAV-11796714
PassWord: k447b2puj6

UserName: EAV-14460776
PassWord: 3dksp77afk

UserName: EAV-14460650
PassWord: ppjxbtsh6v

UserName: EAV-15222523
PassWord: n5uesx7xf8
ESET NOD32 ID - April 26 - 2009

Username: EAV-13553602
Password: 2a5mhhfppf

Username: EAV-13553592
Password: h8np7k8h58

Username: EAV-14359170
Password: hvfn85a8v2

Username: EAV-14353962
Password: es3natvemb

Username: EAV-11796719
Password: ckb5xfbeba

Username: EAV-13728327
Password: mrbmj2njeb
ESET NOD32 ID - April 25 - 2009
Username: EAV-14359182
Password: pbcvhmhuv4

Username: EAV-15239163
Password: uahdeu4cnh

Username: TRIAL-14891808
Password: r2mtx6f64p

Username: EAV-14421794
Password: cxkt7wvaj2

Username: EAV-14460672
Password: x88urdbpkj

Username: EAV-14673168
Password: vbjna6jvnn
ESET NOD32 ID - April 24 - 2009

Username: EAV-14359235
Password: a37vwmrexh

Username: EAV-15193376
Password: 8fxadt2w5p

Username: EAV-14460717
Password: puuusf3m3j

Username: EAV-13875329
Password: cvjacew5tu

Username: EAV-14048870
Password: 8vkcnxjctk

Username: EAV-14657467
Password: sktp4ktrb5
ESET NOD32 ID - April 23 - 2009
Username: EAV-14060737
Password: mdvd7sdrre

Username: EAV-14022815
Password: 4txe8swj7x

Username: TRIAL-14891802
Password: b2mffnd878

Username: TRIAL-14891797
Password: 3jue552uxb

Username: EAV-14657500
Password: 7vuh8e4je6

Username: EAV-14657437
Password: sdku4573ft
ESET NOD32 ID - April 22 - 2009
Username: EAV-13042990
Password: d3t8djmpx3

Username: EAV-13765760
Password: 438rbch7hx

Username: EAV-13272392
Password: r73kupt675

Username: EAV-14422576
Password: wcrdubxnvm

Username: EAV-13444524
Password: kw46k5hem5

Username: EAV-14241646
Password: 5rbt4cfedm

ESET NOD32 ID - April 21 - 2009
Username: EAV-13753390
Password: w6kxvss6je

Username: EAV-14564767
Password: 3pa4vstex2

Username: EAV-14564771
Password: mcab8473wb

Username: TRIAL-14888156
Password: dwdvrdfr7d

Username: TRIAL-14846026
Password: n865nsr7xu

Username: EAV-14262865
Password: v2ftxu3maj

ESET NOD32 ID - April 20 - 2009
Username: EAV-13426084
Password: rdnxtt33kb

Username: EAV-13426098
Password: sc6pj74h3a

Username: EAV-14421543
Password: 5v4taed3hk

Username: TRIAL-14827873
Password: jj43cptpj3

Username: EAV-13272398
Password: b738c7r8am

Username: EAV-14180751
Password: a4hkkep4k5

ESET NOD32 ID - April 19 - 2009
Username: EAV-11673707
Password: n2rufnuhjt

Username: EAV-14548568
Password: e48f4xd64m

Username: TRIAL-14571416
Password: r432xjte8p

Username: TRIAL-14558774
Password: 2wtrbt62ft

Username: EAV-10702323
Password: a3da2h4acb

Username: EAV-12879766
Password: mu7jtt2ded

ESET NOD32 ID - April 18 - 2009
Username: EAV-13900350
Password: 262swa8ked

Username: EAV-13900373
Password: k44mcs3uc5

Username: EAV-13900365
Password: apnmvn4ctr

Username: EAV-13826919
Password: 2bfv7r2wnr

Username: EAV-13826929
Password: hcvshn858x

Username: EAV-13900348
Password: bsjexp862h

Username: EAV-10692471
Password: sccm37xaen

Username: EAV-10505647
Password: wxanevbv6m

Username: EAV-13839895
Password: 8e6umab855

Username: EAV-12562078
Password: xmcraw8w73

Username: EAV-13932612
Password: 554nujstxw

Username: EAV-13745892
Password: 6c288akev6

ESET NOD32 ID - April 17 - 2009
Username: EAV-14657565
Password: wekrnnb4rp

Username: TRIAL-14508536
Password: unxewbja55

Username: EAV-14657533
Password: 5wcsj234w8

Username: EAV-14657567
Password: rrkutt2dru

Username: TRIAL-14530484
Password: x2fwnd54vh

Username: EAV-13883086
Password: pk8emkcbbp

ESET NOD32 ID - April 16 - 2009
UserName: EAV-13808881
PassWord: 6a72cj2nd8

UserName: EAV-13850048
PassWord: 8t6wceud5b

UserName: EAV-12769190
PassWord: s2p8dhu236

UserName: EAV-13837578
PassWord: h46tnthuwk

UserName: EAV-13839944
PassWord: v6jmav7rpu

UserName: EAV-14657410
PassWord: 8c4wb2beu8

ESET NOD32 ID - April 15 - 2009
Username: EAV-13744424
Password: t22fa57jkr

Username: EAV-13444743
Password: wjjchspefn

Username: EAV-13444537
Password: mur5pn3jwk

Username: EAV-14252683
Password: 7h4dukbc34

Username: TRIAL-14289949
Password: bv5pkj5svu

Username: TRIAL-14454243
Password: 8sskvwehwr

Username: EAV-13272405
Password: s4pjx8c8jm

Username: EAV-13625997
Password: uc77wdex5x

ESET NOD32 ID - April 14 - 2009
Username: EAV-13789603
Password: bx36psuk6m

Username: EAV-03092826
Password: 4jbk4hscct

Username: TRIAL-14308710
Password: vfaexctc4j

Username: TRIAL-14361107
Password: emkxdf45fr

Username: EAV-14464191
Password: 7jwwat5h7a

Username: EAV-14222090
Password: skcrhbeuwf

ESET NOD32 ID - April 13 - 2009
Username: EAV-13226749
Password: 42ms3d5ebd

Username: EAV-14162663
Password: dw8a2xrnkj

Username: EAV-14122091
Password: phn6m6mtmp

Username: TRIAL-13220298
Password: v5suj6k338

Username: TRIAL-14289944
Password: jcvrw4h74r

Username: EAV-13272382
Password: pf68e2u87u

Username: EAV-13720083
Password: 3r8kfsmfbv

ESET NOD32 ID - April 12 - 2009
Username: EAV-13656396
Password: 2f65dumfmf

Username: EAV-13826909
Password: ja3xvtsr4h

Username: EAV-14145035
Password: h5xvup6b3k

Username: TRIAL-14131206
Password: n4n663dr5c

Username: TRIAL-14131211
Password: dkv5th3bwf

Username: EAV-13632977
Password: wjvakt652d

Username: EAV-14252447
Password: 42pt2np7mb

ESET NOD32 ID - April 11 - 2009
Username: EAV-13786313
Password: v7pvw3h3a6

Username: EAV-14102206
Password: t57ha5fb6v

Username: EAV-14578177
Password: 3x4vcprw77

Username: EAV-13272409
Password: 6epbnwxnka

Username: EAV-13622257
Password: up8xr2w6ub

Username: EAV-12996917
Password: ta7x8a6dh6

Username: EAV-13787939
Password: a5mbxcvbdf

ESET NOD32 ID - April 10 - 2009
UserName: EAV-13602859
PassWord: 46fuprtwnu

UserName: EAV-14354594
PassWord: w5swxs7f8e

UserName: EAV-13892313
PassWord: b782vj2usf

UserName: EAV-13670150
PassWord: 8d873avcha

UserName: EAV-13670145
PassWord: hu3adtarr6

UserName: EAV-13993095
PassWord: ftxkhp8c72

UserName: EAV-13998877
PassWord: 7btvxex7v7

ESET NOD32 ID - April 09 - 2009
Username: EAV-13193051
Password: w5rpem5eew

Username: EAV-14524806
Password: v42r47m3tb

Username: EAV-13695946
Password: vccaw2pbw4

Username: TRIAL-14104789
Password: 2sb3dfrndf

Username: TRIAL-14104679
Password: x78ur22dsw

Username: EAV-13563478
Password: 35r6k2cuwd

ESET NOD32 ID - April 08 - 2009
Username: EAV-12601958
Password: d2w4bbkmva

Username: EAV-13121991
Password: ew2rb7tnam

Username: EAV-13695975
Password: rnu6tme5d7

Username: TRIAL-13940502
Password: fr75nxr4a3

Username: TRIAL-13953861
Password: 3xv7vbcpvh

Username: TRIAL-14056500
Password: x68ds54anm

Username: EAV-13744454
Password: ttrmanmtre

Username: EAV-14077943
Password: tpa4haukwt


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