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Back in 1988 viruses grabbed the mass media attention and some of the best researchers in the antivirus world begun their work before 1989. So 1988 was the year in witch antivirus comerciants emerged, and their launch produced a big agitation over what was at the time only a potential problem.

The comerciants were only small firms that sold their software at very low prices (something like 5 or 10 USD). Some f the programs were shareware, some of them freeware. Many companies tried to make a name for themselves, but no one was really paying serious money for a potential thread. This situation gave viruses like stoned, cascade and Jerusalem a chance to propagate without being discovered.

In 1990 the following antivirus products were available on the market:

o AntiVirus Plus (Iris)
o Certus (Certus International)
o Data Physician (Digital Dispatch)
o Turbo Antivirus (Carmel)
o ThunderByte (ESaSS)
o Vaccine (Sophos)
o Vaccine (World Wide Data)
o Virex-PC (Microcom)
o Virucide (McAfee's Pro-Scan) (Parsons)
o Virusafe (Elia Shim)
o ViruScan (McAfee)
o F-Prot (Frisk Software)
o V-Analyst (BRM)
o Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit (S&S)
o Vet (Cybec)
o VirusBuster (Hunix)
o Virscan (IBM)
o Vi-Spy (RG Software)

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In December 1990 a new product appears that will revolutionize the business: Norton antivirus.

In 1995 almost 50% of infections were caused by boot viruses, today 85% of viruses are macro viruses.

Also, today we can observe that more and more e-mail viruses appear, making the internet worms the most severe threat.


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